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Stationery Christmas Gift Guide!

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Stationery Christmas Gift Guide!

Yep, we said it… CHRISTMAS is fast approaching and it is time to get organised with those gifts! If you are like us, you will want to shop small as much as you can this festive season. So, we have compiled a gift guide for our favourite picks in 2021.

We will be sharing themed blogs in the run up to the C-word, so stick around and pop any suggestions in the comments. We LOVE to find new indie businesses to support so whack those links down below!

Like what you see? Send this blog post to your loved ones and start dropping those hints! 

Let’s get started with our personal favourite… STATIONERY. 

Nikki’s Supply Store

Nikki McWilliams is the original designer of the biscuit cushion, but did you know that she also runs her own stationery shop too? She has a serious knack of sourcing and supplying AMAZING pieces. From Archer & Olive journals to Muji fineliners and not to mention the CUTE AS HELL Japanese stationery accessories, there is something for everyone in her store!


Jessica Smith Illustration

Jessica Smith has some BEAUTIFUL florals and cute animal themed stationery such as stickers and bookmarks plus an absolutely stunning Christmas collection!

Archer and Olive

These notebooks are flipping gorgeous. My favourites are the linen bound notebooks with foiled stamped designs. They are so luxurious! The designs are really simple yet striking and the paper weight inside is so good there is absolutely no bleeding or ghosting. They might be on the higher end pricewise for a notebook but they really are special. Do I have one that I haven't dared write in in case I ruin it? Yep, I do. Do I pick it up just to look at the lovely design. Yep, that is also true! Archer and Olive are based in the U.S so if like me you are based in the UK and don’t want to pay those pesky customs charges, head to Nikki’s Supply Store to get yours. 

Calliope Paperie

Calliope Paperie is ran by my good friend Kristina, and her stuff is just so gorgeous! Based in the USA for all my american pals, her store is a one stop shop for all of your stationery needs. She even stocks some Nutmeg and Arlo! Kristina is great at choosing fun and quirky items to fill her store and she isn’t afraid of a swear or two… which I love!

Katnipp Illustrations

Catherine is another good friend of ours and we have mentioned her before in our blogposts because her work is just so ADORABLE. From stickers to notepads, Katnipp has a range of cute and cuddly characters. Catherines passion in her work is obvious and is clear to see in the world of characters she has created. We love her!

Nutmeg And Arlo

Could we let this blog post end without a shameless plug? Of course not! In case you hadn’t noticed, we have our own range of stationery available in our store from note pads to stickers. 

Shopping small almost always means that the indie biz on the other side does a happy dance! Not only is the gift always so much more thoughtful and exciting but it is made with love and packaged with care. 

Let us know in the comments if you have any shops you love to shop at and if you have your own creative small business make sure to include a link! 

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