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Posted by Elle W. on

Whoah. I did it, I finally did it! I have a shiny new website.

Setting up a website has been on my to do list for approximately 12 months. Yep, a full year. Big props to me for finally getting it up and running. Eye roll.

I love my Etsy shop, it's seen me through many a sale - over FIVE THOUSAND to be exact, at the time of writing this. I won't be closing my Etsy shop, but I wanted to finally have a piece of the internet that is all mine. 

I'll be using this blog for brain dumps like this one, and for more exciting things like freebies and tutorials. I want to add mobile and desktop backgrounds and other fun things that you can download.

I haven't blogged since I was at University, which was a long time ago, so please bear with me while this grandma gets to grips with the whole blogging thing again!

Thanks for reading, speak soon!

Elle xo


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  • Hey!!! Website looks amazing, making me want to update mine now! Look forward to seeing and reading more blog posts and the wallpapers :) x

    Dina on
  • Well done Elle! The website looks amazing and I look forward to the blog. I love getting know the person behind the brand and Nutmeg and Arlo is one of my favs!

    Hannah on

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