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Jewellery & Accessories Christmas Gift Guide

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Jewellery & Accessories Christmas Gift Guide

Welcome to the next instalment of our Christmas Gift Guide for 2021! It’s been super fun compiling our lists and very helpful for our own Christmas shopping.

This month we thought we would do jewellery! There are so many wonderful small businesses creating BEAUTIFUL jewellery and accessories so it was hard to narrow it down but we did our best. We would love to know if you make jewellery or have any recommendations so be sure to pop them in the comments below.

Let’s get going…


Mixed Emotions enamel pendant necklace

If you have been reading our blogs you will know we are big fans of Liz around here! She’s so flipping talented at whatever she turns her hand to and is one of the most creative people we know so we couldn’t let this pass by without including her jewellery. 

Liz says what we are all thinking which is why her work is so relatable. We love this necklace because 1. It’s hella cute and 2. If the last two years has brought us anything, it’s mixed emotions! 


Begonia Maculata Keychain 


This one's for the plant lovers in your life! And let’s face it, who doesn’t love plants these days? There are even plenty of people who love plants from afar because of their decidedly NOT green thumb, so I present this to you… The Begonia Maculata keychain from Hemleva! 

Samantha’s work is beautifully designed and a must have in any Christmas stocking. 


Palm Ring

Lima lima jewellery is handcrafted using both traditional and modern techniques and is made from recycled silver, brass and ethical gemstones, which is always a winner! We particularly love this elegant Palm Ring. Lima Lima says that this ring can bring luck to its wearer, and I’m sure we can all agree we need some luck for 2022. 


Pegasus Enamel necklace

Lee from Bonbi Forest is a brilliant artist and her work always feels so whimsical, like you are walking through a fairytale just by browsing her store. This Pegasus enamel necklace is one of our favourites, especially with the teeny little shell moon charm that comes with the chain. A perfect stocking stuffer if we ever did see one! 


Christmas Pudding Earrings

Ok, ok we have stayed clear of the Christmas ‘themed’ jewellery so far but we couldn’t end the post without at least one! These CUTE AS HELL Christmas pudding earrings are from Jo at Hello Sunshine and are such a sweet gift. We’ve all seen the gaudy, light up, tinselly dangle earrings, how about we change it up this year. ‘They’ do say, less is more! 


House Keychain

There is also a range of accessories over in my online store too and this little House keychain is one of my favourite products. I love to think that people are gifting these to their loved ones when they purchase it from my store, it gives me all the warm and fuzzies! 

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