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Our absolute favourite illustrators

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Our absolute favourite illustrators

One thing I love in this world is Illustration. There are so many quirky, original and talented illustrators out there and I truly believe that art makes the world a better place. 

I really wanted to share a few of my favourites, and I’d love to hear about yours too! Now more than ever we need to support each other and share the love. 

First up is Danielle Coke. Her colourful messaging is what draws me to her artwork. Danielle is constantly striving for social justice and has a passion for advocacy, and this jumps out immediately in her work. Not only that but when she posts videos they are always full of wisdom and useful information and she delivers them in such a way that you just can’t not love her!

Louise Lockhart from The Printed Peanut is another firm favourite! Her work is colourful and unique, and her illustrations grace products such as stationery, board games and homewares.  I love anything with faces, and her little smiley ladybird is one of my favourite pieces.

I think it is no secret around here that pink is one of my favourite colours, and Natalie from Threeologie does not shy away from it! She is an absolute pro when it comes to hand lettering and her business helps creatives that are trying to turn their passion into their full time gig. Her blog is packed full of useful resources and interesting articles so if you are looking to upscale your illustration hobby then check her out!


Are you into all things CUTE? Then Tiffany Tan is for you! Tiffany’s work features chubby animals, cute food with faces and lot’s of colour! I love the texture within her illustrations.

Adam J Kurtz has been a favourite illustrator of mine for a few years now. He is such an inspiration and his artwork really does make you feel less alone. I love the simplicity of his style and his honesty and sarcasm is what sets him apart.

If colour and pattern are your thing then Jessica Smith’s gouache illustrations are definitely one to check out! So many gorgeous florals.

I have mentioned Liz Harry quite a few times in my previous blog posts. Not only because she is one of my real life favourite people, but because she is a badass illustrator too! Liz’s typography skills are AMAZING. She has her own shop stocking beautiful items such as wash tapes, stickers, enamel pins and jewellery PLUS she is an unbelievably talented graphic designer, having done album covers for none other than Lady Gaga, The Arctic Monkeys and more! 

Charly Clements is another long time favourite of mine. I adore Charly, but I’m also super jealous that she gets to live her dream job while living and working in Thailand. Absolute goals. Her work is incredible - her greeting cards are my personal favourite, but she also creates some really useful courses over on Skillshare. Her “Fun With Faces” courseis the first course I ever did on skillshare, and it was super informative. Charly is a great illustrator to follow if you are just starting out as she is always SO generous with her knowledge, and even runs a Facebook community for illustrators!

Who are your favourite illustrators? We would love to know in the comments! Are you an artist yourself? Feel free to leave your links below so that people can find your work! 

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