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How To Look After Your Pins

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Enamel pins are quite hardy little things, but they do occasionally get tarnished or stained, especially if they get wet! Please follow the directions below to keep your pins in as good a condition as the day you received them!

- Try not to get them wet. If they do get wet, just dry them with a soft cloth.

- If you are going to store your pins when you aren't wearing them, it's best to store them in an airtight container, and out of direct sunlight.

- Metal can become tarnished, and this is true of any metal. We have found that this normally only happens with silver plated pins. If you find that your pins are becoming slightly tarnished, you can usually clean it off with a soft cloth. If the tarnishing is a little more pronounced, you can use polish or purchase an inexpensive jewellers cloth that is specifically made to clean plated metals.

If you find that your pins become tarnished within 30 days of receiving them (we've never known this to be the case ever, but as the saying goes -there is a first time for everything!)
and you have followed the above instructions, please get in contact with us. We'll do everything we can to help fix this!

Happy pinning!

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