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Mental Health Awareness Week

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Did you know that this week is Mental Health Awareness week? This year the focus is on Kindness.

I remember at my last job, I had created a personalised necklace for a customers daughter, and because I had made a couple of samples with the same name previously - I added them into that customer's order. I didn’t think anything of it, just that the personalised samples we couldn’t sell were going to a good home. This isn’t the act of kindness, by the way. I’m not blowing my own trumpet. I simply didn’t want them to end up in the bin!

A week or so later, a gorgeous card arrived for me - with a chocolate bar included! All to say thank you for the extra necklaces. I don’t know why this always sticks in my mind as one of the kindest things someone has done for me, but it does. I guess most people don’t feel appreciated in their jobs, and when someone takes the time to write a card, and send a little gift to say thank you, it just really makes a difference. It may seem small to some, but it will forever stay with me.

Do you have any small acts of kindness that you will always remember? I'd love to hear them. Leave me a comment below!

Always remember that kindness matters. And kindness is cool. You can find out more about Mental Health Awareness Week at the Mental Health Foundation website.

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