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What should I use washi tape for?

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What should I use washi tape for?
Leopard print washi tape stationery supplies


So you’ve seen it, the new stationery accessory taking over the world… WASHI TAPE! It comes in a variety of widths, colours, textures and patterns and looks seriously CUTE adding colour to your stationery collection.

What’s so special about some tape, I hear you ask? Washi tape is a Japanese tape generally made from Japanese shrubs meaning it’s super sustainable (and THAT means no guilt when you add *just one more* roll to your collection!)

It’s easy to tear by hand, has a light tack so it's safe to apply to almost any surface and all of your favourite designers are starting to bring out tapes with their wonderful artwork printed on it (me included!)

But one of the main questions I get when I share my washi tapes is “What can I do with a roll of tape?!”

cute washi tape patterned illustration stationery accessories

WELL! Here’s just a few ideas to get you started. 

    Scrapbooking isn't a thing of the past. More and more people are getting involved in some crafting and in this digital age, it is SO nice to have something physical to look at rather than just storing all of your images on your phone and NEVER looking at them again (coming from someone who has a friend with 20,000 photos on her phone AND COUNTING - argh!)
    Washi tape can be used a few different ways in scrapbooking. You could use it to create a vibrant background, as colourful adhesive to stick other papers and photos down or even cut shapes out of it to make the titles of your pages! 

    Just whisper the word bullet journal into the ether and you will have hundreds of Pinterest boards thrown at your eyeballs with the latest bullet journal spreads. "Bujo" (as it is affectionately known) has taken over and each layout is more impressive than the last...BUT wanna know how to take it up a notch? You guessed it… WASHI TAPE!

  • DIY
    Tired of your dull looking home accessories? Use your favourite washi tape to jazz up your ancient photo frames or even make your plain plant pots more exciting. 

    Who doesn’t love a sustainable way to wrap your presents...but unfortunately this can mean sometimes our gifts are a bit lacking in the creative department. FEAR NOT! Washi tape is here to add colour, pattern and personality! 

    Use folded washi tape as a way to mark pages and create tabs! Never spend an age flicking through your recipe books to find your favourite meal - just pop a piece of your cutest tape over and fold it to create the perfect bookmark.

cute washi tape stationery accessories patterned illustration


Washi tape opens up a whole world of possibilities when it comes to filling your life with colour, pattern and artwork from your favourite illustrators. Team that with the fact that it's sustainable and recyclable so you don’t have to compromise your eco friendly lifestyle, and you have a winner! 

Have you got some more ideas on how to use our new stationery addiction? 

Or are you the type of person who can’t bear to use their washi because the pattern is too precious?! 

Let me know in the comments! 

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  • Feb 16, 2021

    I use them mostly to decorate journal covers and accent envelop closures for cards and letters. They mail easily :) I use to used them to covertly tag my tools at group craft event or classes, but it’s been a while since going to one of those.

    — Karen

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