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Running a business while being eco-friendly.

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Running a business while being eco-friendly.
An Earth enamel pin sits on a blue background. The earth design has a cute smiling face.


We all know having an eco conscious footprint is hugely important at the moment, and running a product based business I am aware that things can get wasteful if you aren’t careful!

From bubble wrap to jiffy bags, cellophane sleeves to sellotape… it has been REALLY important to me to make sure my orders are sent as low waste as possible. I get questions all the time about my packaging so I thought I would give you the lowdown on how my products get sent out.


Our postal boxes come with a lovely sheet of branded tissue paper inside. We get this printed at No Issue and it is 100% recyclable. No Issue is a great company to work with because sustainability is the number one priority in their business model. All their products are eco friendly, meaning creators like me can offer customers an exciting unboxing experience without costing *too much*! 


If you follow me over on Instagram then you will know the joke surrounding my postal boxes… so I’m not going to link those bad boys here! BUT all you need to know is that they’re cardboard, they fit through the letterbox, they’re PINK and they are also 100% recyclable. Woohoo!!


You can now get a 100% recyclable option which comes with corrugated paper (or shredded paper) inside instead of bubble wrap! Praise the lord Tormund himself. While these options are more expensive (which tends to be the way with eco friendly options) we love using these. It just gives me that tiny peace of mind that we aren’t sending out hundreds of pieces of single use plastic EVERY WEEK.

Thanks to their paper outer and inner, these padded envelopes are 100% recyclable. Their paper corrugated fluting provides a cushioning internal layer to protect products throughout the transit period, helping goods get to their destination in the same condition they leave my little office in.


If you ever get a small rectangle of bubble wrap, usually in the phone case orders, I have reused that from packaging that has been sent to me. Sometimes I get supplies through in jiffy bags and unfortunately I can’t control the amount of single waste plastic another company may use - but what I can control is how that plastic is then used. I try and reuse everything I get and I hope that my customers reuse it again too!


I no longer use cellophane bags - of any kind! Even the “compostable” bags take a loooong time to break down so I decided, what not just send them naked? Usually we will pop them, with their envelope, inside a paper bag straight into the box. We’ve only ever had ONE complaint - and it was literally last week - about a water damaged product (out of 30,000+ orders and 5+ years of business!) so we don’t see why EVERYONE isn’t ditching the plastic!

Do you do anything in your everyday life or business that helps you become a little more low waste? Let us know in the comments!

Comments on this post (2)

  • Mar 12, 2021

    Just wanted to thank you for this blog and say what a worthwhile read it was. Sometimes we all wonder if something we have spent time on is worth it and if anyone bothers to read it- believe me: it was and I have.
    Great article and I continue to really love your business company- a further order will be placed very shortly! 👋🏻🌷

    — Kate Richardson

  • Mar 12, 2021

    Your commitment to this is one of my favorite reasons to shop with you! I remember when you first started asking not to have your pins sent in individual tiny baggies, that blew my mind. Cute things AND thinking green, I love it! We try to reuse any packaging we get also, and I’ve also switched to only using recycled kraft paper and biodegradable ribbon for my own gift wrapping, makes it so simple!

    — Amanda C

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