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How to style your enamel pins

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How to style your enamel pins

Enamel pins are here to stay. They’ve hit the market by storm and more and more people are becoming seriously ADDICTED! And we don’t blame them.

So many artists and creators have taken up designing enamel pins and it is such a fun way to have a cute, affordable piece of art that you can wear.

But how do YOU wear yours?

We’ve listed a few of our favourite ways to style your pins below…

Jacket Collar

There is nothing cuter than a denim jacket with a pop of colour on the collar. Have to wear a uniform for work? Add a bit of personality to the lapel with some colourful pins! 

On your bag

Enamel pins are great for sending a message or showing off the things you love. Love cats? There’s a pin for that. Live for Star Wars? There’s a million pins for that. Whatever your hobby/interest is - you can tell the world by decorating your bag with relevant enamel pins.


On your hat

Add some personality to your woolly hats or summer hats with some flair.

Decorate your office

We can’t be the only ones who have more enamel pins that could fit on ALL of our clothes and bags. It’s not our fault all of our illustrators and makers keep knocking it out of the park with designs! (link to blog post on favourite enamel pin sellers) So what do you do when you can’t possibly fit them on your jacket? Get a cork board! The pins push perfectly into the cork making them the perfect way to display your pins… or find a maker who sells cute pin banners! We love THIS one by Katnipp Illustrations. 

We LOVE to see our enamel pins out in the wild - don't forget to send us photographs of how you style your pins!

If you want to add to your enamel pin collection, see our blogpost HERE on our favourite pin designers...

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