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Our Favourite Printing Companies

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Our Favourite Printing Companies
Hey pals. It's time for a blog post that is a little different... I want to shout out a couple of my favourite printing companies! 

In ye olde days of Nutmeg and Arlo, I used to print a lot of things in house to keep costs down. It enabled me to create short runs of products to test the water - I had no idea what would sell best. I would be convinced one thing would be a best-seller, and it ended up being the worst-seller. And vice versa. Sods law.
When you are first starting your business, printing in house is a very sensible way to go. You don't want to spend money on a design for it to not sell (news flash - this still happens to me occasionally, even now 6 years down the line!)

Things are a little different these days because of ✨growth✨ and now I don't do anything myself. I outsource all of my products because I just don't have the time, and because these guys KNOW what they're doing. They are the masters. You just can't match the quality doing it yourself. And these guys are my favourites:

Photo by @amzsco
A foiled thank you card printed by Instant Print.
Photo by the lovely @amzsco on Instagram.

Instant Print 

I LOVE the guys over at Instant Print. They're responsible for pretty much all of my packaging, including stickers. I use Instant Print primarily for business cards, which I use as backing cards for my enamel pins, and for my thank you cards that I pop into every order. Their foiled business cards are my favourite. 

Instant Print are super cheap, but their quality is the perfection. Their customer service is also amazing. If I've ever had any problems with my order, which isn't very often, they are very quick to get it fixed. 

If you want to try out Instant Print for yourself, you can click here and get £10 off your first order over £40. Just so you know, I'll also receive £10 off if you use my link.

One of my postcards printed by Printed.


Printed are another one of my most used printing companies. Printed print pretty much all of my printed products that I sell on my website. Check out that alliteration. We're talking greeting cards, postcards and prints. What I love most about Printed is that I can split my order over different designs, which is a godsend, especially when I'm trialling new designs.

Printed have a lot more options for each product, and print a variety of different things. They can also cater to bespoke printed projects, but I can't speak for that as I have never used this service. 

I don't have a referral code for Printed, but there are welcome offers for new customers available.

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