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So, what is a Suncatcher Sticker?

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So, what is a Suncatcher Sticker?

There’s a new kid on the block, and just in time for Summer!

A suncatcher sticker held up against a wall with iridescent sun rays.

Our brand new Suncatcher Stickers have been so popular and honestly we are so excited that you love them as much as we do. We were a little nervous about releasing a product that was quite different from our most popular stuff, but as always you guys never fail to amaze us. THANK YOU for all of your continued support. You guys rock!

Anyway, for those unfortunate souls who haven’t heard of a suncatcher yet...don’t worry! I got you. Suncatchers are not just your average boring window sticker.. No sir! 

Pop these bad boys onto your window and wait for the sun to peek from behind those clouds… and you have a mother-flipping rainbow in your house. WARNING: Rainbows may appear more beautiful in real life than in the photo above!

Plus the best part, if you adhere the sticker carefully then you should be able to remove the sticker and reuse it - yay! We are all about that recycling life. 

You can find our collection of suncatchers here. Make sure to tag us in your colourful pics - we can’t wait to see them in their new homes!

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