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Our favourite Washi Tape Designers!

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Our favourite Washi Tape Designers!

Our Favourite Washi Tape Designers

We shouted out our favourite enamel pin designers in this post and we figured it’s about time we gave some love to our favourite washi tape sellers! 

It’s no secret round here that we are washi ADDICTS and it’s not just our own designs we cram into our stash. We’ve done a bit of a round up to shout loud and proud about the washi designers we love and support. Don’t forget to let us know in the comments who your favourite washi sellers are and if you aren’t sure what all the fuss is about, read our post here on why we love washi tape and what you can use it for!


Bright and beautiful, these washi tape designs are a must have for any collection. If you love botanical watercolours then this gal is for you. We just LOVE her wildflower washi tape… it feels like summer all year round! 


A photograph of white washi with watercolour flowers.


CATS!! If you don’t like cats then we can’t be friends tbh. (Only joking… but what is wrong with you?!) Anyway, we at Nutmeg and Arlo HQ are cat enthusiasts and anything with a cute cat gets an A* in our books. As well as enamel pins and other accessories, Niaski has released a load of cute as hell washi. The designs all feature cats (yes!!) and include some classical art related puns (double yes!)... A pretty niche topic you may think, but we are HERE for it. 



Next up is our close friend and mega business lady, Catherine from Katnipp Designs. This gal has talent coming out of her ears and we aren’t sure if we know of any other illustrator with such ADORABLE characters! Her bright and colourful designs never fail to cheer us up and we simply cannot get over how cute that bumble butt is. 


Not just a killer enamel pin designer but a washi extraordinaire too! Mega cute and colourful these lovely washi tapes are perfect for wrapping up pressies or lining your scrapbook pages. And the gnomes, how awesome are they?!


If magical and whimsical illustrations are your bag, then we have the perfect illustrator for you! The seriously talented Aggie Cheung is a one stop shop for all of your stationery needs from wrapping gifts to writing a letter to your pen pal. (Ah. Those were the days!) 


As always Kim has pulled it out the bag with her fun designs. We are over the moon that she has decided to branch out into washi design. From cute little rainbows to chunky pencils, there is something quirky and colourful perfect for your scrapbooking needs. 

And there we have it! There are so many amazing washi designers out there but if we listed them all we would never be able to finish this blogpost. So, make sure you let us know in the comments who your favourite washi tape sellers are.. 

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